6 Most Popular Mobile Gaming Apps of 2020

What if you were accidentally stranded at some place for a really long time or looking for the perfect distraction while commuting on the tube? Your best bet would be spending time playing on any of the top mobile gaming apps, ranging from retro title to bestsellers like Clash of Clans and PUBG. With time, gaming graphics have evolved, becoming far more sophisticated and gaming levels far more complex. Together with these changes, revenues from such mobile gaming apps have kept soaring. However, given the overwhelming numbers of gaming apps that you can download on your smartphones in 2020, it may be tough making a choice.

Most popular mobile gaming apps in 2020:

  1. Minecraft: This sandbox pixilated builder that was a rage when it got launched is available for easy downloading on your phones. Like Fortnite it also provides for cross-play so that you can easily play the game with your friends playing on their computers, Xbox or Ps4. Minecraft is affordable and one of the most relaxing games out there, particularly for those with a creative streak in them. This game offer infinite worlds that gamers can explore; they must build from scratch, whether it is a castle or a regular home. You can choose to play in dual modes; the Creative mode offers access to unlimited resources and the Survival mode is where you begin your journey. The new Minecraft server lets players to compete which other in the blockchain section to discover the hidden treasure and earn bitcoin. Bitcoin is the pioneer of the cryptocurrencies and traded widely in a traditional and autonomous mode. Testing the app is essential prior to planning an established trade in the crypto market. Go through this bitcoin superstar software test review to learn about automated software testing.
  2. Oceanhorn: This is one of the more popular action/adventure mobile games filled with secrets, puzzles and hazards. You can expect to see outstanding visuals, listen to incredible soundtrack, enjoy mind-blowing storytelling, and engage in smooth game play when you choose this app. In this high-paced game, you must battle against monsters and explore dungeons, learn the art of magic, and discover treasures. You have access to user-friendly touch controls, almost ten hours of game play, sword fights and fancy items that help you in your quest.
  3. Trusted Tarot: This gaming app is available for both iOS and Android. Each card that you draw provides you with easy explanation. Some may find the ads really intervening the playing experience. They can be avoided if you pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis. You can also get a free tarot online to experience tarot reading and to learn more about it.
  4. PUBG Mobile: This online survival game has virtually taken the world by storm. It became an instant success and ranks as the most popular mobile gaming app almost everywhere. It has practically broken all records to emerge as the finest RPG game. The PUBG mobile is almost the same as that of the PC version whether it is the gadgets, vehicles, or ammo. Gamers can experience a fair gaming environment backed by a strong anti-cheat mechanism, enjoy a breathtaking visual treat due to its realistic display, and access a constantly-evolving arsenal of weapons.
  5. Fortnite: This is yet another popular action/adventure mobile gaming app that can be played by multiple players online. It is a PC strategy video-game and can be played on almost any device. It also enables cross play so that you can play with friends using their phones and tablets.
  6. Pokémon GO: This game has broken all records when it made its debut and continues to be one of the most popular mobile games still, boasting a huge fan base. Pokémon Go may not be of much use if you are stuck indoors but it can be the best gaming app when you are looking for entertainment outside as you take a little walk.